The system log file is the file that takes the most space for BioStar 2. It keeps the logs for troubleshooting purposes, and it is created daily by the BioStar 2 service. 

It is recommended to leave the system logs as is but if you would like to delete it manually because there are no issues at your site, refer to the link below: 

[BioStar 2] Deleting System Logs

BioStar 2.6 and higher

You can configure the log level in BioStar 2. Refer to the article below: 

How to delete logs periodically (System Log Level configuration)

Stop and start the service again in BioStar Setting to confirm that the change is applied. 

BioStar 2.5 and below

If you would like to change the system log level to have less data created daily, you can follow the steps below: 

Caution:  If you change the level higher than the default level (4-5), the system logs will not be helpful for troubleshooting purposes. 

You can find the log level configuration file in your BioStar 2 installation folder/log.conf as shown below: 

1. Stop BioStar 2 services in BioStar Setting. 

2. Open log.conf file. 

3. Change the level value and save the file. 

* Default is 3. Higher level (5) has less detail and lower level (1) has more detail. 

* Level meaning: TRACE(1) /DEBUG(2) /INFO(3) /WARN(4) /ERROR(5)

* If you would like the least amount of space used, you would change to 5

4. Start BioStar 2 with BioStar Setting