False reject (FR) is an event where an authorized user's authentication fails. 

False acceptance (FA) is an event where an unauthorized user authentication succeeds because their fingerprint is recognized as another user. 

Note: The term FRR means false reject rate and FAR means false acceptance rate 

There is a higher chance for these events to happen if you have fingerprints that are registered poorly. 

You can check the fingerprint registration of the user by looking at the Fingerprints tab of users. 

Below is a poorly registered fingerprint. It has a low score and also does not have the core registered. 

Below is a sample of a good registration where the score is high and the core is registered. 

It is always best to use the enroll quality threshold of 80 to avoid false acceptance or false rejects. 

Refer to the article below to properly register a fingerprint:

[Both BioStar] Fingerprint Enrollment Guide

If you have specific users that are experiencing false reject and false acceptance, re-enroll their fingerprints properly. 

If you want to check you entire database for users with improperly registered fingerprints because of frequent false acceptance or false rejects, please back up your database and provide it to technical support team. 

Backup instructions are shown below: 

[Both BioStar] MS SQL Database Backup and Restore Instructions

[BioStar 2] Database Backup and Restore Instructions (Maria DB)

If your database file is over 10MB, please contact us so we can provide a link where you can upload the file.