* Announcement on Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 6:06 PM

Dear Valued Partners,

BioEntry W2 was found to have a smart card reading and writing performance issue when the device is powered by a PoE switch. 

Regardless of card types, such as iclass and Mifare, this issue can occur when it is used for Access on Card or Secure Credential card. 

AoC is BioStar 2's terminology referring to credential data on a card including fingerprint template.

Secure Credential card is the same as AoC except that it does not store access group data on a card. 

Therefore, we like to urge you to use DC power only for smart card use with BioEntry W2 device.

We are going to make a HW revision to solve this issue, and will make a revision notice in the near future. 

Please kindly understand and if you must need solution anyhow. 

Please contact us.