BioStar 2 has a mobile app that can be used on Android and iPhones below are the answers to frequently asked questions. 

Mobile App Basic Information 

Refer to the link at our homepage to understand the features: 

What is the mobile card feature? 

Refer to the homepage introduction page to understand the feature

For more indepth introduction, refer to the article at our knowledgebase: 

BioStar 2 Mobile Card

Can I use the Mobile App API to create my own app or change the current BioStar 2 mobile app? 

Unfortunately that option is not available yet. 

Is the mobile app free?

Yes, up to BioStar 2.5 but the license may change in the future. 

Can I use a NFC card to use features other than the mobile app? 

Unfortunately no, such feature is not supported. 

How do I Configure the mobile app? 

All BioStar 2 configuration guides can be found at our knowledgebase

Refer to the system configuration menu's Mobile App tab: System Configuration 

It is updated every time a new feature is introduced. 

What smartphones are compatible with the NFC - mobile smart card feature?

Mobile Smart Card is supported with the versions below:

Host card emulation (HCE) was used to implement the mobile smart card feature. Most of the latest Android devices use HCE but some devices may not support it. 

Note that NFC and BLE communication specification may vary by manufacturers and models and there could be difference in performance. 

Below is a chart showing the result of tests we have done internally: 

Support for NFC may differ based on the manufacturing date even if it is the same model of device.