If you would like to change which service is using your ports on your server PC you can use the tool provided with a Windows Operating System. 

1. Search Resource Monitor in the Windows Start Menu  

2. Click on Network tab. 

3. Select the TCP Connections tab.

4. Order by Local Port.

5. Check if the correct service (Image) is using the local port. 

Refer to the following article to know which ports BioStar 2 uses: [BioStar 2] Server and Device Port Usage

In the following screenshot I am checking if port 3000 (TA) is being used by any other service. 

After scrolling down to 3000, I see that node.exe is using port 3000. 

BioStar 2 TA is developed with node js and node.exe is the proper BioStar 2 TA service, so my port usage is fine. 

However if you see other services unrelated to BioStar 2 using the local port that is reserved for BioStar 2, that will cause issues with your BioStar 2 server.