Affected Products & Versions: BioStar 2 versions up to 2.6 (released in 2018 April~May) 


If you apply a custom account privilege in the Setting > Account menu of BioStar 2, the admin privilege will not be applied to the user. 

For API users, the API "/api/users?last_modified=" will not work as well. 

Issue Reproduction: 

1. Go to Setting > Account 

2. Select T&A operator (or any other operator)

3. Click +Add and add a user.

3. Click Apply

4. Log in with the custom level user. 

5. It is visible that the admin privilege has not been applied. 


Option A: Applying to individual users

1. Enter the User menu.

2. Select your user. 

3. Apply a Operator Level.

4. Click apply. 

Option B: Applying to multiple users

1. Enter the User menu.

2. Check multiple users to apply the operator level. 

3. Click Batch edit.

4. Choose the Operator Level to apply.

5. Click Ok.


A permanent solution will be included in BioStar 2.6.2 (released in second half of 2018)