Affected Products & Versions: BioStar 1.93


If you are adding users through a DB link program in BioStar 1.93 you will notice that the right (red) column does not become updated while the left column (green) is updated properly. 

The cause is a erroneous code that was made to increase server efficiency in BioStar 1.93. It omits the check of the right column with the DB when a new user is made with DB link. 

However this should not be an issue if you do not use a DB link software to create users in BioStar Server. 

Issue Reproduction: 

1. Log in to BioStar 1 client. 

2. Create a user with the DB link program.

3. Check that the new user is updated on the left column.

4. User doesn't appear on the right column.


1. Restart the BioStar Client to update the right column list. 

* However you will have to restart the BioStar client every time to see the updates. 


Apply the patch below for BioStar 1.93:

1. Download the following file: BioStarV1.93_Eng_User_RefreshMenu.7z

2. Extract the file.
3. Back up the BioStar.exe file in the directory below to a safe location C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\console
4. Overwrite the BioStar.exe file with the extracted file.

5. Restart the server service and the BioStar client.