If you're requesting support regarding devices, please fill in the information below so we may assist with your issue: 

1. Device model name and Device Serial Number:

i.e ID 58812313 - BEPL-OC, ID 64823114 - BSA2-OMPW 

2. Firmware Version: 

i.e v1.32_150617 

3. Kernel / Hardware version (if applicable): 

* information is found in the device information menu of the device

[FaceStation Manual] 

i.e Hardware V02, Kernel 141107S

4. Used BioStar version

i.e BioStar 1.92

5. Summary of the issue (as much detail as possible):

i.e The relay does not trigger even when the output configuration is done properly. No relay sound is heard on the device. LED remains on blue - skyblue.  

include information on how often the issue is reproduced. 

i.e always / every 25 days / every day / every 1 hour 

6. Screenshot or video of error message: 

error in BioStar client, device LCD, device LED, or the error log in the event log