In BioStar 1, you can have the user's profile image appear on the real time monitoring page or on the device if the device has a LCD screen.

Supported Devices: BioStation, D-Station, X-Station, BioStation T2, FaceStation, BioStation A2

Configuring Profile Image on Device

1. Enable the Private Display on the Display/Sound menu of the device. 

2. On the user tab, click Modify Private Information

Note: If you don't have a image applied to the user, click Change to select a photo in your PC 

3. Click Transfer to Device to send the picture. 

4. Repeat for each user. 

Note: There isn't a feature to send all images of users to all devices at once

Setting a Popup image on the Monitoring Page

To make the user image show on the monitoring menu, configure as below

1. Open Option > Event > Profile Image Setting

2. Select your desired Event to show the profile image.

3. When the configured event occurs you can click the even on the Monitoring page to check the user image.