Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding bypass mode. 

What is the Wiegand Bypass feature? 

Bypass is a Wiegand Output mode that is used to immediately send out card values that is read through Wiegand signals. 

You can find it on the device configuration in the menu below: 

DEVICE > select your device > Advanced tab > Wiegand 

If you turn this feature on, it means you are using the device as a dummy reader where no user matching is done on the device. 

Why would I use the bypass feature? 

This feature would be useful if you are integrating a Suprema device with a third party controller. 

Since you manage all the user information the third party controller software and manage the access group / privilege on the controller side, you might only want to send the card information from the device and not have the device to any matching. 

Do I have to configure a Wiegand format when using the bypass feature? 

For Wiegand cards (HID Prox, iClass) you do not have to configure a format and your configured format will be ignored. 

The bypass feature will send out the entire card Wiegand values as read. 

For CSN cards (EM, Mifare, DesFire) you are using as CSN Wiegand, you do have to configure the Wiegand format. 

How do I control the LED and sound in bypass mode? 

Device LED is always purple (i.e BEW) or does not change (i.e BioStation 2) when a card is scanned on bypass mode. 

The device makes a sound to notify that the card is read but there is no authentication success or fail sound and popup. 

The device cannot show a authentication fail or success because it is not doing any matching on the device and merely sending out the card information. 

Therefore the LED and sound of the device can be controlled by the controller which makes the access decisions. 

The controller can send a signal to the device input to control the LED and sound as shown below: 

How to control device LED with a third party controller

Can my slave device send out a Wiegand signal? 

You would notice that the configuration option is not available on the UI with a slave device on RS485 connection. 

Slave devices cannot send out a Wiegand signal. 

Can I add a Wiegand a reader to my slave device?

Yes, you can add a Wiegand reader to your slave device.
When the Wiegand input is received on the slave device the value will be sent to the master device through RS-485.