Affected Products & Versions: Firmware below BioEntryPlus 2.3.2, BioEntry W 2.3.2, BioLiteNet 2.3.2, Xpass 2.4.2, Xpass S2 2.4.2



Device ID becomes 0 after some usage of the device because a invalid value is stored on the device. 

The occurrence is intermittent but can be avoided beforehand by upgrading all devices to the latest firmware.

Once the issue occurs, you will have to repair the device through RMA. 

Issue Reproduction: 
1. Device has a old firmware (one of the affected firmware versions mentioned above) 

2. After some use, device ID appears as 0 when you search it in BioStar 2. 

3. When trying to add the device Invalid JSON. (104) error occurs. 




There is no workaround



If the device already has ID 0, process the device as RMA since the hardware has to be replaced. 

Note: If you are a Suprema Authorized Partner with a local repair program, contact our AS team for repair instructions

For other devices on site, upgrade the device firmware to the latest firmware to avoid future issues. 

You can download the latest firmware from our homepage download center.

If you're curious which specific firmware fixed the issue, you can refer to the revision note of each device firmware.

[BioEntryPlus revision note]