BioStar 2.6 has been released. There is a major change in the license policy along with other improvements and new functionalities. Please check the items below before upgrading and align them with your sales and technical service plans. 

* this announcement has been republished after changing an error in the license section. MSSQL Database is not restricted by any license.


New Devices

- BioLite N2

- Xpass D2

- BioMini Plus 2 (USB fingerprint enrollment scanner)


New Features



- DST(Daylight Saving Time)

- Database encryption key management

- Necessary ports status display 

- System log retention period & level settings

- Video module support for MSSQL Database 


User & Card

- Card removal from blacklist

- Wiegand card search from unassigned card 

- SEOS card support

- User ID auto increment

- Hex values for smart card primary & secondary keys

- Private Auth support for AoC

- User data auto delete option at the issuance of AoC



- Device setting reset without network settings

- FW upgrade alert

- Wiegand Legacy mode support

- Wiegand In & Out same time use settings for 2ch Wiegand interfaces supported devices.

- Device duress input 

- User & log delete on tamper event (secure tamper) 

- VoIP SIP server auth ID value input support



- Door column added to Event Log in Monitoring



- Muster Zone 

- Interlock Zone (Local zone only with CoreStation as Master)



Major Changes


AC License policy change



The original BioStar 2 AC license has been questioned for its effectiveness. Many partners and resellers pointed out on missing layers on the AC license policy, because these layers can be used to develop a variety of product packages and can motivate the resellers and installers by giving them a nominal item they can use to make another revenue or offset their technical support cost.


Therefore, it was decided to support door and feature based license policy. So, if the customer wants to use BioStar 2 only for the device and user management, there will be no license required, but if the customer wants to use AC functionalities above the free minimum level, appropriate licenses need be activated.


The below is the overall license policy design.


License changes in Biostar 2.6


Free Version 

AC Core 

No limit
No limit
Max 5

*There’s no limitation on the number of users and devices


AC License Package

Max 20
Max 50
Max 100
    Max 300
Max 1000



(API Server included)

Mobile Card

Max 250
Max 500
Max 1,000


Video License

Video Log

*Video is a separated license supporting video monitoring logs. Need an advanced license to be used. 

Once activated, video settings and video logs can be seen from BioStar client, and there’s no limit on the number of NVR and Cameras. But, BioStar 2 video recommends up to 2 NVRs and 8 cameras per NVR usage. 

Configuration Guides

(some articles are existing articles but have been updated with changes)



How to Configure BioStar 2 Server Ports

How to Manually Manage Server & Device Encryption Key

How to configure Daylight Saving Time 

How to configure Custom Admin about Monitoring section 

How to delete logs periodically


How to Configure Hexadecimal Card Key

How to issue smart cards (SEOS added)

How to delete personal information when issuing Access on card


How to Configure SIP Authentication ID

How to Configure Xpass D2

How to configure One Device(Legacy) Mode 

Simultaneous use of Wiegand In & Out 

How to configure Secure Tamper 

How to keep network settings during factory default

How to configure an action for duress authentication event


How to Configure a Muster Zone

How to Configure an Alarm Zone

How to Configure an Interlock Zone


Door field displayed in the Event Log 


How to enroll fingerprints through BioMini via Mobile app

BioStar 2 API

How to enroll fingerprint on BioMini via BioStar 2 API



Q. Can I use BioStar 2 in HTTPS mode without downloading the certificate? 

A: No, in BioStar 2.6 you must have the certificate applied for BioStar web client to operate properly. 

Refer to the configuration guide to apply the certificate on your client PC. 


Q. When can we know about the price information?

A: Please inquire our sales team. 


Q. Does BioStar 2 T&A license also change with 2.6v?

A: T&A License policy will remain the same, but it will be also changed with 2.7v or later version.


Q. How will the current AC standard license be applied after ugrading?

A: When upgrading to 2.6v with already applied AC SE license, Advance License Package will be automatically applied

Refer to the following article: license changes 


Q. What happens if my customer upgrades without obtaining the appropriate license?

A: A license key will be requested in the installation process and the upgrade process will not proceed if a proper license isn't entered. 

Refer to the license changes article.

Q. Where can I find the configuration guides regarding the new features? 

A: You can refer to the manual regarding the basic features. A knowledgebase guide will be uploaded this week and updated on this article as well 

Q. Where can I find a video introducing the new features?

A: A video guide will be ready within a few weeks and posted at our knowledgebase

Q. Is the database backup process the same as before? 

A: There is an additional step you have to take because of a new security feature. You have to back up the encryption key. Refer to the articles below: 

[BioStar 2] Database Backup and Restore Instructions (Maria DB)
[Both BioStar] MS SQL Database Backup and Restore Instructions

Q. How do I upgrade from an old version of BioStar 2 to BioStar 2.6? 

Refer to the BioStar 2 upgrade article. 

Q. Where can I find the new firmware? 

If you downloaded the CD zip file, the firmware will be included in the .zip file. If you only downloaded the 32 bit or 64 bit installer, you also have to download the firmware package. In both cases, after installing BioStar 2, you have to create a firmware folder in the BioStar 2 installation folder (C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)) and paste the firmware files to use them in BioStar 2. Refer to the following article.


Download Link

BioStar 2 installer page