Article Published Date: 2018/5/30

Affected Products & Versions: L2 FW below 1.2, W2 FW below 1.1


If you upgrade a L2 or W2 device firmware to the latest version (W2- 1.2.0, L2- 1.3.0) directly from an old version, the device upgrade will fail.

The upgrade process will get stuck at the last stage and the device will malfunction when you restart the device at this stage.

Issue Reproduction:


1. Device firmware is 1.1

2. Upgrade device firmware to 1.3

3. Upgrade fails.


1. Device firmware is 1.0

2. Upgrade device firmware to 1.2

3. Upgrade fails.


Follow the below upgrade process to avoid the issue temporarily.

Download the firmware from the following link:


1.x (lower than 1.2) > 1.2 > 1.3


1.x (lower than 1.1) > 1.1 > 1.2


A hotfix firmware will be released for both devices in June (2018) that will resolve the issue.

Use the workaround or do not upgrade firmware until then.

If your device has already failed to upgrade because you upgraded to the latest firmware directly, you will have to process the device through RMA.