If you are having issues where you can find user logs in the Monitoring page of the AC module but cannot see the punch logs in the T&A report, even when you have configured and applied a schedule to a user, check the items below. 

1. Is the device listed as a T&A device? 

Refer to the knowledgebase to configure your device

How to Configure a T&A Device

2. Have you rebuilt the Report?

You always have to rebuild the report when you want to update the report.  

It is the feature that updates the report up to the current time. 

If you click Update Report and do not select Rebuild Time Card, the last report you built before will be loaded. 

Hence if you want to see the up to date report you will always have to check Rebuild Time Card before clicking Update Report.


3. Manually synchronizing the database. 

If you still can't see the punch logs in the report then it's a DB sync issue.Try resetting the device synchronization as shown below: 

[BioStar 2] Resetting Device Synchronization and Initializing T&A Register

Then rebuild the time card to see it reflect in the report.