If you want to understand how much data is transferred in the network between the device and server, you first would have to calculate how you use the device and server.

How many logs occur on the device per day?
How often are users enrolled and transferred to devices?

Then you can calculate an approximate amount by multiplying the information below:

BioStar 1 Log size

The size of each log is approximately 120Byte; 

When receiving log from a device: 84Byte

When sending log to a  device: 36Byte

Finger Template 
1 finger is made up of 2 templates
1 finger = 384byte per template * 2 = 768 bytes

FaceStation Face Template

For FaceStation 1, 1 face is made up of 25 templates
1 face = 2kb per template * 25 templates = 50kb

For FaceStation 2, 1 face is made up of 30 templates 

1 face = 3kb per template * 30 templtes = 90kb

Sample Calculation

Case A: 

1 Device sending logs to server where 48000 events happen per day. 

84 byte per log * 48000 event per day = 4,032,000 byte per day.

Network Speed of 100Mbps on site = 12.5 MB/s 

4,032,000byte = 4.032MB


4.032MB/ 12.5MB/s = 0.32256 seconds to transfer logs from a single device to server (if there are no bottlenecks at all)