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BioStar 1.93 Lift I/O Issue

Affected Products & Versions: BioStar 1.93 and below


When a user with long names (over 32 byte) is transferred to the Lift I/O, user transfer fails with Invalid ID error or shows as success but is not actually transferred to the device. 

This is because you can create 64 byte user names in the User menu but the elevator only allows 32 byte user name. 

The Solution below resolves this 32 byte limitation. 

Issue Reproduction: 

1. Enter to the Lift menu.

2. Select a Elevator 

3. Transfer user to the device 

4. Transfer Result : Invalid ID error appears (or shows as success but doesn't transfer it if you check the device) 


Use the solution. 


Download the file below:



And apply as instructed below: 


1. Stop BioStar server service in BioStar Server Config.

2. Back up C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\server

3. Extract BioStarV1.93_Server_Lift_UserTransfer_Fail.7z

4. Apply the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\server

5. Start BioStar server service in BioStar Server Config.


1. Back up C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\console

2. Extract BioStarV1.93_Console_Lift_UserTransfer_Fail.7z

3. Apply the files to C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\console