In the latest firmware versions released since August 2018 ( starting with BioStation 2 and will be released so on), when scanning AoC(Access On Card) card, Card ID will be sent even if Bypass Mode is ON.

Here the Card ID on Access on Card would be same as User ID. In this article the reference to Card ID = User ID

Here in this example, BioStation A2 (Output Device) is connected to FaceStation 2(Input Device).

Please refer to the link below on how to issue an Access on Card (AoC), a type of a smart card.

How to issue smart cards

Settings(Output Device).

1) Set Bypass Mode ON on Output Device (Device -> Advanced -> Wiegand section)

*Please make sure that Pulse Width and Pulse Interval are matched between two Wiegand Input & Output devices based on the device specification.

Please refer to the FAQ below.

[BioStar 2] Configuring Pulse Width and Interval for Wiegand Input

2) Set CSN card format (Device -> Authentication -> CSN Card Format section)

*It is important to set CSN card Format as Wiegand for Wiegand Output device. Also ensure that Wiegand Format is unified across all of the settings(Here in this example, it's 26 bit).

3) Set Wiegand Format (Device -> Authentication -> Wiegand section).

*It is important to set every Wiegand configuration unified.

4) Always do not forget to click on Apply to apply the changed configuration on the bottom right corner.

5) Go to User -> Credential -> +Card button

6) In the Enroll Card window, set Card Type as Wiegand and set all the correct card data format, Registration option as Register by Card Reader, and Device being the Wiegand Reader.

7) Click on Read Card

Previously, when using Bypass Mode, Wiegand Card number of 26 bits was sent.


Now in the revised versions, this is resolved and Card ID will be sent out in Bypass mode.

-ONLY for users with devices that has FW Ver released before Aug 2018

*But when you are using the previous firmware versions (The ones released before 2018 August) for all devices, please set Bypass Mode OFF

8) Set Bypass Mode OFF to Normal on Output Device (Device -> Advanced -> Wiegand section)

*Please remember that you will be prompted to enter authentication method, you can Only see the User ID when authentication is successful

9) Repeat 5) to 7)

It is still important that you match Pulse Width and Pulse Interval.

Thank you!