*Since BioStar ver 2.4, you can only view the Custom Level button ONLY when you login with User ID 1, regardless of operator level.

In this example, you can see how you can/cannot see "Add Custom Level" button via Settings -> Account depending on different User ID logins.

In the User tab of BioStar 2 you can see following screen.

1) Check who is has the User ID 1

-> this is the person that will have the greatest authority in operating the system.

- When you click on User ID 1, which usually has administrator as default, you can see the following screen.

- This user has the greatest rights in the program.

2) Go to Settings -> Account

You can clearly see that "Add Custom Level" button is activated.

3) Login with User ID 2

- This user is set to administrator but will not be the same as User ID 1

4) Go to Settings -> Account

Now you can clearly see that this user cannot add custom level.

Please remember that to see this button, you need to login with the user that has ID 1.

Thank you.