*Please ensure that the device is updated to the latest firmware (based on BioStation A2 FW Ver 1.5.1) - Released on August, 2018.

For the setting of this version please follow the instructions in the article below.

Elevator Configuration

After you complete the settings following the instruction above, please follow below procedures.

1) Go to Monitoring tab -> Floor Status

You can see all of the floors with which the elevator is assigned.

2) Check on the floors that you would like to operate

3) Click on the buttons that you would like to operate as noted with the red boxes above.

If you click "Manual Unlock" it will make the floors to stay open until the operator locks them back.

You can see that "Operator Unlock" has appeared on Floor Status Type, and "Unlock" on Floor Relay.

You can do the other operations as you would like, with the five buttons on the top right corner of the screen.

Hope that was helpful.

Thank you.