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BioStar 2

- Summary

Can't keep the login session as soon as I try to login BioStar2

- Problem Example

- Cause & Solution

1) Corrupted setting.conf issue


There is a file named setting.conf among the files to be used when the Biostar 2 server starts up.

If the data in the file is corrupted, you can not maintain the login session of BioStar 2.


You can resolve the issue by adding the contents of the red box to the setting.conf file and saving the file.

2) Bug of BioStar2 (AC users are not synchronized to TA users)


The additional cause is that the user information of AC and TA of Biostar 2 is not synchronized properly.

Biostar 2 login structure is a process of logging into Biostar AC and BioStar TA session. If there are different number of AC users and TA users in each DB, there is a problem that an administrator is logged out again. This is a bug with the BioStar 2.4.1, and the issue has been resolved in later versions.


Run this query to perform the process of re-synchronizing the AC user back to the TA user

UPDATE biostar_tna.systemsetting SET ext_system_session_id= null, ext_system_id= null, ext_sys_biostar_session_id = null, ext_sys_session_udt_datetime = null, last_udt_ver_for_user_sync = null WHERE id=1;

3) Memory issue of BioStar Server (Stopped server issue)

If you can't resolve the issue even though you follow the above information, please refer the below link.

Force log out as soon as login on BioStar 2