When you open the SDK sample and try to connect the device but it is not available with the error BS_SDK_ERROR_CANNOT_CONNECT_SOCKET(-102) or BS_SDK_ERROR_EXIST(-10004) or BS_SDK_ERROR_TIMEOUT(-601) etc. 


Case 1. BioStar 2 SW service is running.

Solution: Please turn off BioStar 2 services. 

Case 2. The device can not be connected.

Solution: [BioStar 2] Connection Modes and Troubleshooting Connection


Case 3. Port 51211 or 51212 or 51213 is blocked or used by another program. 

Solution: Add a rule for port 51211 & 51212 & 51213 in the firewall setting(or turn it off) and turn off the other program using 51211 or 51212 or 51213. Check netstat -ano in the command window and see if the port is used. 

Case 4. The device has a certificate(SSL configuration) with another server before. 

Solution: Restore to the factory default to delete the certificate in the device. Do not use SSL connection if you don't need to. (Press 'N' to the SSL configuration in the first screen of sample code)

Case 5. The device is connected to another server already. 

Solution: The device cannot be connected to multiple servers. Please disconnect the device from another server.

If the issue persists even after checking the above cases, please collect all results of the above and contact Suprema technical support team (open a new ticket).