Dear Suprema Patners & Customers,

If you are going to add 2nd generation device to BioStar 1.93 SW, please consider two parts.

Part 1) FW Bug and a solution

If your device has the below firmware version, you can't add the devices to BioStar 1.93 with an error message.

: 1.3.0-20181115   ~ 1.3.1-20190228

BS2 : 1.7.0_20181126 ~ 1.7.1_20181204

BSA2 : 1.6.0_20190104   ~ 1.6.1-20190405

BSL2 : 1.4.0-20181106 

  • Operation of BEW2-OxPB models in BioStar 1 is NOT guaranteed.

Those FW can be not connected to BioStar 1.93 because of the firmware bug.  Please review the solution.

(Relevant message)

Fail to read parameter from Device

Invalid Parameter

<Solution for part 1>

Please upgrade the devices to a beta FW. We provide a demo program to upgrade the device.

We can provide the beta FW which is connectable to BioStar 1.93.

 Please download the latest beta FW and FW upgrading tool through below links.

The latest beta FW download link : name:


Please use firmware upgrade tool at the link below. Search the device and connect then enter the full path of firmware file then proceed. Please refer to the result screen included in the file.


* It is normal to display 'Device disconnect' error after the process reaching 100% .* Even if the process 100% finishes on the command window, it may take a few minutes to finalize updates in the device. (Up to 30 minutes) When it finishes, device will reboot itself.

Please note that the problem has been resolved to the most recent FW. You do NOT need to downgrading/upgrading FW.  If you have any inquiry about the above information, please create new ticket. 

BioStation 2: 1.8.0_20190806

BioStation A2: 1.7.0_20190806 

BioStation L2: 1.5.0_20190708

BioEntry W2: 1.4.0_20190708 

  • Operation of BEW2-OxPB models in BioStar 1 is NOT guaranteed.

FW Package Path 

Part 2) Downgrade Issue

Please do NOT downgrade the version of the firmware of your devices. 

Biostation A2

If you receive recently BioStation A2 product and you want to downgrade the version of A2, you can't downgrade the device successfully because of the sensor(OP6) compatibility. 

To distinguish the sensor type, you can prevent the issue if you confirm the serial number below. 

Please do not downgrade for the below list. The downgraded device will be malfunction and you should proceed it as RMA.

A2-OEPW : 939342346 ~

A2-OMPW : 939263914 ~

A2-OHPW : 939431431 ~

A2-OIPW : 939411331~

BioStation 2 & BioEntry W2

You can downgrade W2 and BS2 without a HW problem, but please be aware that we can't ensure the compatibility between BioStar 1.93 and recent firmware except the below information. 

The last compatible firmware tested with BioStar 1.93 are as follows:   But, 2nd devices which have recent FW can connect to BioStar 1.93.  

BEW2 : 1.3.0-20190325

BS2 : 1.5.0 - 20170927

BSA2 : 1.4.0 - 20170927

BSL2 : 1.2.4 - 20170830

Please refer the above part 1.


Before you add 2nd devices to BioStar 1.93, please read the below article and the attached file [CUSTOMER NOTICE] BioStar 1.x update & support discontinuance notice_EN.pdf.

Limitations with 2nd Generation Devices in BioStar 1.93 

In conclusion,  we highly recommend to use BioStar2 SW if you have 2nd generation device.   

To support the DB migration from BioStar 1 to BioStar 2, we are going to release a DB converter tool.

If you have any inquiry about the above information, please create new ticket.