Affected Products & Versions

All versions (Current version : BioStar 2 Device SDK beta)


When trying the card which is registered in a user with a secure credential card written by SDK sample, access is denied with "event code[VERIFY_FAIL_CARD] CardId[unknown] image[0]"

If you check the card ID, it is written as 0x00. 


The wrong sample code for secure card. Sample code writes smart card in the same way for both AoC and secure credential card. 

However, in case of Secure credential card, SDK should write different way because Suprema device reads different way for two cases. 

In case of AoC(0x03), device reads full 32 bytes but in case of Secure(0x02) device reads only the first 24 bytes as card number.



Applied to the future release. Please use the latest