FaceStation 2 and FaceLite are having the same algorithmic schemes that use the same template.

This algorithm has FA probability of 1/5,000,000(Most secure). 

(Normal : 1/500,000 Secure : 1/1,000,000)

This means that once the total match count is 5,000,000 times, it will happen once.

So how many FA can happen in real life?

Let's take an example in real numbers assuming your security level is set to 'Most secure'. 

- User: 100 (Face Registered 1 per person)

- Number of authentications per day: Assuming 50 people authenticate twice a day. 

The total number of matching times per day is as follows.

Total matching count = number of face * number of authentication

100 * 50 * 2 = 10,000

Total matching count 10,000 a day can be 5,000,000 in 500 days.

Thus, FA can occur once every 500 days. 

This means that FA can occur every day if you installed Facestation2 for AC use on the door and every user(100 people) uses the door 500 times a day.