If your BioStar 2 server IP is changed, you can meet several issues.

Case 1: BioStar 2 license is vanished.

  • All of BioStar 2 server licenses are issued based on the MAC address of server PC.
  • If you moved the BioStar 2 server from other PC and restore, then BioStar 2 license cannot be registered.


  • Please contact Suprema agents with a comment that IP of your server PC or NIC card of your PC has been changed.
  • We need your old license information, so please share your license files from 'C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\lic'.
  • If you need to get offline license, please share your .req file together.

Case 2: BioStar 2 server is 'Not Secure' and certification information shows same IPs.

  • When you operate BioStar 2 server in HTTPS protocol, you need to install certification.
  • Even though you installed new certification on new BioStar 2 server, your BioStar 2 server shows 'Not secure' sometimes.
  • In this case, please check the IP from 'Certificate Information' and if IP is same, please follow below solution.
  • If the IP from 'Certificate Information' is different, please jump into Case 3.


  • Log in BioStar 2 server and download 'Cert' file from BioStar 2 - Settings - HTTPS - Cert. Download
  • Enroll your BioStar 2 server IP and port as '(BioStar 2 server IP):(HTTPS port)'.

  • Close all Chrome pages and reopen Chrome.
  • Go to Chrome - History -History and click Clear browsing data - Advanced - All time - check all items - Clear data.

  • Close all Chrome pages and reopen BioStar 2 to check certification installed successfully.

Case 3: BioStar 2 server is 'Not Secure' and certification information shows wrong IPs.

  • If the IP of 'Certification Information' is wrong, please refer an article to solve the issue.


Case 4:  BioStar 2 T&A does not show any data after BioStar 2 server upgrading.

  • This issue happens when the certificate information has been changed between BioStar 2 server and BioStar T&A.
  • If the certification was changed, T&A cannot access BioStar 2 AC information.
  • With continuous login trial, BioStar 2 server becomes too busy and cannot bring device logs.


  • Run 'BioStar Setting' and stop all BioStar 2 services.
  • Run DB editor programs such as MySQL Workbench, Heidi SQL (for Maria DB) or SQL Management Studio (for MS-SQL) to edit queries.

'DELETE FROM biostar2_ac.t_extsys'

'DELETE FROM biostar_tna.systemsetting'

'DELETE FROM biostar_tna.securedata' 

  • Run 'BioStar Setting' and start all BioStar 2 services.
  • Login BioStar 2 server.
  • Go to BioStar 2 T&A menu and register the admin information.