How to activate or generate BioStar 2 license?

First of all, please purchase the license key and receive it from Suprema Sales team. 

And then, follow the below procedure. 

Note that

Depending on your version of BioStar 2, there are different procedures to go to License popup for activating it.

So please check your version of BioStar 2 firstly, and then follow the applicable step.


Step 1.

   Step1-1. If you use BioStar 2 with v.2.9.0 or lower version, 

     igo to the Setting and click SERVER. And then, go to License popup in SERVER.

    ii) Then, you can see the below sceen for the activation of license. 

   Step1-2. If you use BioStar 2 with v.2.9.1 or higher version, 

     igo to the Setting and click LICENSE.

    ii) Then, you can see the below sceen for the activation of license. 

Step 2. 

Check if the server is connected to the Internet, and be able to activate through online. 

Step 3. 

Enter any name (e.g. Company name, User name and etc.) and activation key. And then, click Activate. You can receive activation key from Suprema or your local distributor. 

* There is no procedure to inspect separately.

Example) Activate license for Time Attendance

Step 4. 

If the server is not connected to the Internet, click Request offline Key and download offline key request file. 


Step 5. 

Send the offline key request file to Suprema Sales Representative and receive the offline license key in return.

Step 6.
Activate the license.