From BioStar 2 v2.7.3, the unlimited floor level is supported by BioStar 2 software.

But in the current Suprema device firmware is not supported for unlimited floor level. (May 2019)

According to the capacity difference of devices, 1st generation entry-level devices has more strict limitation then 2nd generation devices.

Please refer to the article below and check the capacity differences.

[BioStar 2] Notice for Usage of Combined Environment 1st Generation Entry Level Devices and 2nd Generation Devices


  • If you generated more floor levels than device capability, devices would lose sync with BioStar 2 server.
  • If your device lost sync with Biostar 2 server, then the system would not operate properly.

BioStar 2 (From v2.7.3)
1st Generation Device
2nd Generation Device
Max Floor Level

* Not supported in BioLite Net / BioEntry W / BioEntry Plus