From BioStar 2 v2.7.3, unlimited  access level and access group are supported by BioStar 2 software.

But in current Suprema device firmware is not supported for unlimited access level and access group. (May, 2019)

According to the capacity difference of devices, 1st generation entry level devices has more strict limitation then 2nd generation devices.

Please refer an article below and check the capacity differences.

[BioStar 2] Notice for Usage of Combined Environment 1st Generation Entry Level Devices and 2nd Generation Devices


  • If you generated more  access levels and access groups than device capability, devices would lose sync with BioStar 2 server.
  • If your device lost sync with Biostar 2 server, then the system would not operate properly.

BioStar 2 (From v2.7.3)
1st Generation Device
2nd Generation Device
Max Access Group
Max Access Level 


  • From BioStar 2 v2.7.3, Floor Level is supported without limitation.
  • Referred article : [BioStar 2] BioStar 2.7.3 Unlimited Floor Level Supported