When the BioStar 2 Server has been restarted by Windows Update or an abnormal situation, the existing component of BioStar 2 server could be corrupted. 


You cannot recognize the issue from BioStar 2 Server Setting because the status of BioStar 2 would be running.

When you run Chrome and enter BioStar 2 Server IP address to use BioStar 2 SW, the below page would occur due to the corrupted system files of BioStar 2. 


Go to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs and confirm the nginx-service.log file.

In BioStar setting, all services are running(or Core Web Server service is not running) and nginx-service.log is leaving error msg below.

2019/05/27 16:56:35 => RunApp execute : C:\Program Files\Java\jreX.X.X_xxx\bin\java.exe, arg : java -jar biostar2-webapp.jar

2019/05/27 16:56:42 => JAVA_PATH: C:\Program Files\Java\jreX.X.X_xxx\bin\java.exe

Case 1. The corrupted files of enckey, system.conf, and setting.conf

If system.conf file is corrupted, the enckey file would be corrupted repeatedly.

To recover the status of the corrupted files, please compare the existing backup files from the following patch and update the corrupted file.

1) How to recover the setting.conf and system conf

First of all, stop all BioStar 2 Services.

1.1) Please go to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs.

1.2) Please find the old updated setting.conf.xxxx.c and the system.conf.xxxxx.c.

1.3) The files are the original files.  

1.4) First of all, please go to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)  and then, make the backup for the system.conf and setting.conf. 

1.5) Go back to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs and then, remove xxx.c from setting.conf.xxxxxxxxxxx.c and the system.conf.xxxxxxxxxxx.c and then, make the file name to system.conf and setting.conf

1.6) Copy the file to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64).

2) How to recover the file enckey

2-1) Please go to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\util.

2-2) The enckey.init file is the original generated file.

2-3) Open both of enckey and encky.ini files to a notepad and then, compare the information if there is a missing part.

2-4) Change the file name of enckey to enckey_ori.

2-5) Copy the file enckey.ini and paste the file on the same location.

2-6) Remove the file extension of enckey.ini and make the file name enckey.

Case 2. The wrong java path

If jreX.X.X_xxx is not match with the default java version in your environment, BioStar 2 web core service wouldn't start successfully. 

Please check if Java path is set correctly. 

- Open command window and result of 'java -version'

- Environment variables of 'JAVE_HOME'

Copy the variable value of JAVA_HOME and try to access the folder to make sure the patch.

If you can not access to the folder, go to C:\Program Files\Java\ and check the valid folder name and update JAVA_HOME again.

Case 3. Corrupted files(eq. conf files etc) due to the wrong upgrade

If above version/path exists and match but the issue happens, then please go to BioStar 2 installed path and see what happens after commanding 'java -jar biostar2-webapp.jar' manually and let me know the result(error msg).

If you couldn't resolve the issue with the same error message, please contact technical support team with information below.

- BioStar 2 logs folder(eq. C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs)

- Screenshot of 'java -version' in command window

- Environment variables for JAVA_HOME

- The result of java -jar biostar2-webapp.jar command under the BioStar 2 installed folder

* If you receive the result as the below, 'enckey' file is corrupted. In this case, please contact to technical support team with the above information and including 'enckey' and 'enckey.init' files.

c:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)>java -jar biostar2-webapp.jar
08:14:15.450 [main] ERROR com.biostar.BioStar2Application - failed to decrypt keystore password exct:java.lang.NullPointerException