In BioStar setting, all services are running(or Core Web Server service is not running) and nginx-service.log is leaving error msg below.

2019/05/27 16:56:35 => RunApp execute : C:\Program Files\Java\jreX.X.X_xxx\bin\java.exe, arg : java -jar biostar2-webapp.jar

2019/05/27 16:56:42 => JAVA_PATH: C:\Program Files\Java\jreX.X.X_xxx\bin\java.exe

FYI, nginx-service.log is in BioStar 2 installed folder/logs(eq.C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs)

Case 1. The wrong java path

If jreX.X.X_xxx is not match with the default java version in your environment, BioStar 2 web core service wouldn't start successfully. 

Please check if Java path is set correctly. 

- Open command window and result of 'java -version'

- Environment variables of 'JAVE_HOME'

Copy the variable value of JAVA_HOME and try to access the folder to make sure the patch.

If you can not access to the folder, go to C:\Program Files\Java\ and check the valid folder name and update JAVA_HOME again.

Case 2. Corrupted files(eq. conf files etc) due to the wrong upgrade

If above version/path exists and match but the issue happens, then please go to BioStar 2 installed path and see what happens after commanding 'java -jar biostar2webapp.jar' manually and let me know the result(error msg).

If you couldn't resolve the issue with the same error message, please contact technical support team with information below.

- BioStar 2 logs folder(eq. C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs)

- Screenshot of 'java -version' in command window

- Environment variables for JAVA_HOME

- The result of java -jar biostar2-webapp.jar command under the BioStar 2 installed folder

* If you receive the result as the below, 'enckey' file is corrupted. In this case, please contact to technical support team with the above information and including 'enckey' and 'enckey.init' files.

c:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)>java -jar biostar2-webapp.jar
08:14:15.450 [main] ERROR com.biostar.BioStar2Application - failed to decrypt keystore password exct:java.lang.NullPointerException