When you upgrade to BioStar 2.7.7, please aware of the T&A license policy is changed before proceeding.

- The AC, Video license (need Advanced license to be used) will remain the same.

- The Visitor license will have to be purchased separately when you upgrade to BioStar 2.7.7.

- The T&A license will be changed to the Professional license.

- The floating shift will be supported in all T&A licenses.

- You will not be able to proceed with the upgrade if you are using features that require an upgraded license and you do not have an upgraded license ready.

If you want to check BioStar 2 license policies for former versions, please check the article linked below.

[BioStar 2] Server License Specification


  • If there is a Time Attendance license already in use in BioStar 2.7.6 and lower version, it is replaced by a Professional license when you upgrade to BioStar 2.7.7
  • If you need to upgrade the Time Attendance license, please contact Suprema Sales Team.