From BioStar v2.7.6, the DB Migration tool is included. However, the current tool is only supporting MIFARE CSN card migration from the User data. This document is a sample description for the user who needs to migrate other types of cards such as EM, from BioStar 1 to BioStar 2.

1. Backup BioStar 1 DB.


  • If you have users who have non-MIFARE CSN cards, please export users from BioStar 1 include User ID, User Name, and Card ID.
  • The BioStar DB Migration tool supports card migration with User information, however, it only supports the 'MIFARE CSN' card.
  • From BioStar 2.8.14, the DB Migration tool supports a 26bit Wiegand card.

2. Install BioStar 2. The DB Migration tool is included from the BioStar v2.7.6.


3. Run 'run_migration.bat' file as an administrative authority.

4. Open the 'BioStar DB Migration' file and operate DB migration from BioStar 1 to BioStar 2. If you have MiFare CSN card users, please check the below image.

5. After the migration finishes, please log in BioStar 2 and check your User list migrated correctly. But please remind that only MIFARE CSN card users are migrated.

  • From BioStar 2.8.14, you can migrate 26bit Wiegand cards.

6. If you have only EM Card users, please follow the steps below.

    6-1. Please export user in .csv file from BioStar 1 include User ID, User Name, and Card ID.

    6-2. Go to 'Settings > Card Format' and create a new Wiegand card format as the below image.

    6-3. Create a new user with a temporary Wiegand card number as below and save it into the Users list. Please make sure that you set the Wiegand card format which you created in Step 6-2.

    6-4. Check all users and export the User list into a .csv file as the below image.

    6-5. Open the exported user data in notepad administrator mode. 

    6-6. Copy the EM Card Users' card number from the User export file in BioStar 1 and paste it into the User export file in BioStar 2. After moving all card numbers, save the BioStar 2 exported User file.


  • If the EM card number in BioStar 1 was '9733739-130', please revert as '130-9733739'.

    6-7. Import modified .csv file and check the updates were correct. You need to 'overwrite' for this update.

7. After uploading all EM card users, please go to the device menu and set the devices' Wiegand format as Step 6-2.

    7-1. Go to 'Device > Select the device > Card Type > Wiegand Card > Wiegand Format' and configure the supported Wiegand format from the device.

    7-2. Or you can configure it as the below image.

8. You will get the authentication success log from the Monitoring page.