Affected Products & Versions

BioStar 2.7.0 or up  (BioStar 2.7.0 ~ 2.7.8)


BioStar2 SW updates current version to 't_syscfg' table. 

If you upgrade from 2.7.0 or higher to 2.7.x,  you can find this mismatch version between BioStar 2 and DB version.

  • Can not verify BioStar 2 version and DB version have been upgraded correctly.
  • If DB is not upgraded correctly, you cannot access to BioStar 2 web page.

Relevant problem

- There is not any affected problem to BioStar2 Usage.

- You are not available to know whether the Biostar2 DB is properly updated or not.


BioStar2 SW Bug


The DB version upgrade task will be resolved to BioStar 2.7.9 which will be released by August.