The anti-tailgating feature is supported from the BioStar 2.7.8 and the latest firmware of Suprema devices. To use this feature, you need to upgrade both BioStar 2 and device firmware over the below versions.

BioStar 2 SWv2.7.8
BioStation 2v1.8.0
BioStation A2v1.7.0
FaceStation 2v1.3.0
BioLite N2v1.2.0
BioEntry W2v1.4.0
BioStation L2v1.5.0
BioEntry P2v1.3.0
FaceStation F2v 1.0.0
* Need to use BioStar v2.8.6 or later
X-Station 2v 1.0.0
* Need to use BioStar v2.8.11 or later
BioStation 3v1.0.0
* Need to use BioStar v2.9 or later
BioStation 2av 1.0.0
* Need to use BioStar v2.9.4 or later

When you matched both BioStar 2 server and device firmware version, you can configure the anti-tailgating feature in 'Door' and 'Device'.

1. Anti-tailgating at door

On the door configuration page, you can see the anti-tailgating feature as the below. You can configure the anti-tailgating as the exit button or the door sensor.

  • If there is an input and the anti-tailgating feature is 'ON,' you can see the Access Denied(Anti-Tailgating) in the Event Log.
  • Note: The anti-tailgating feature is supported when the input is on; however, there is no 'Input Detected' log.

  • Notice: The anti-tailgating feature does not support alarm and Trigger & Action events for doors. 

2. Anti-tailgating on the device

With the supporting firmware version, you can configure the Trigger & Action for devices with the anti-tailgating feature.

  • BioStar 2 - Device - (Choose your device) - Advanced - Trigger & Action

  • Notice: If you try to re-add the anti-tailgating feature configured device in the lower BioStar 2 version, you need to do a factory reset.