Dear Valued Partners,

We are glad to introduce our two brand new devices, Omnis and Novus.

Before we have Omnis and Novus, you needed to integrate your system with BioStar 2 Device SDK to manage users or logs and had to use Suprema gen 2 devices with fixed firmware. Although, some customers who just want to improve their system with Suprema's high quality biometric devices, there was no proper way to get a solution for their site. However, from now on, you can develop your own device firmware through the SVP Android SDK and install in the Omnis and the Novus devices to create bespoke Time & Attendance / Workforce Management and Multimedia Workstation.


1. Omnis

  • Its hardware is from BioStation A2, however, you can create your own device firmware through SVP Android SDK.

2. Novus

  • It is a brand new product which can choose each modules to include RFID cards, magnetic card, back-up battery WiFi and GPS.

Please check out the Suprema official website to get more information of two newly released products and make your workplace to be safer and smarter.

If you have an interest of either Omnis or Novus, please contact your regional sales representative through 'General Inquiry' in the Suprema website.

Reference Link

1. Suprema official website - Omnis (link)

2. Suprema official website - Novus (link)

3. SVP Android SDK (link)

4. Article; possible integration options with SVP Android SDK (link)