In the BioStar 2.7.10, it becomes easier to sort the entire T&A report data from T&A report page. Before this feature supported, you could sort the T&A data with some limits. However, when you sort the data, all data in the T&A report get an effect, and CSV and pdf exported files.

For example, once you click the 'Name' column head and sort all T&A data by user name, then this sorting rule will affect for the second page in the T&A report.

  • On the first page of the T&A daily report, you can check the sorted data as the below image.

  • The rule of sorting data affects on the next page in the T&A report.

  • This also make an effect in the exported files. When you sort by date, the report shows all users together in the same page, however, if you sort by user name, the report shows one user per page as the below.