There are two ways to block entering a device menu. 

Affected Device Types

: FaceStation 2, FaceLite, BioStation 2, BioStaion A2, BioLite N2, BioStation L2

<Using BioStar2 SW>

1. Connect a device to BioStar2 SW

2. Go to User and add new user with one of user credential (Fingerprint, Card, PIN)

3. Go to Device>Click the device

4. Scroll down and click [Advanced] to see the remaining menu

5. Confirm the list of Administrator of Device Menu Access

6. Click [+Add] of All in Administrator

7. Click one of users for adding administrator of Device Menu access

8. Confirm the added user ID and name

* You can add and manage up to 1,000 administrators of Gen 2 devices. The number of administrators that can be added depends on the device firmware version. 

9. Scroll down and click [Apply] to save the configuration of the device

10. Confirm if the device requests to authenticate for administrator user when you go to Device Menu through LCD of a device.

<Using Device Menu>

This process is for BioStation 2.  Please confirm each the device manual document to enter the device menu.

1. Press the ESC button then authenticate as an administrator.

2. Go to USER > Add User and press OK.

3. Select one of user credential to authenticate 

4. Set User Level as Administrator

The available menus vary depending on the selected user level.

• None: Indicates the level for normal users who cannot use the menu.

• Administrator: The user can use all menus.

• Configuration: The user can use AUTHENTICATION, DISPLAY & SOUND, DEVICE, NETWORK, and EVENT LOG menus.

• User Mgmt: The user can use USER and EVENT LOG menus