Affected Products & Versions

BioStar 2.7.10


BioStar 2.7.10 can't receive the card data (CSN, Wiegand Card) when you click on [Read Card]


Updated Biostar2 Card UI feature is not compatible with old versions of Chrome


Upgrade Chrome to 75 or higher version

Action Plan

- BioStar2 v2.7.11 administrator manual will be updated the version of Chrome. 

If your issue is not related with the above, please create a ticket and confirm with Suprema TS team.

How To Confirm and  Chrome Version

1) Click on the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 

2) Click on Help

3) Click on About Google Chrome.

4) Your Chrome browser version number can be found here. 

- Upgrade Chrome version to resent version if the version is lower than version 74.