BioStar2 indicates an alert to monitor an alarm which is pre-configured [Settings]>[Alert].

How to Configure Alerts

[Alert Configuration of BioStar 2]

[Alert Message of BioStar 2]

[Alert Monitor and Alert Icon of BioStar v2.7.10 or lower version]

From BioStar v2.7.11, Alert list and Alarm Monitor have been improved for better performance of BioStar2 SW.

  • Changed icons and phrases
    • The lower version than BioStar v2.7.10 indicated the number of alerts. BioStar v2.7.11 or higher version indicates an icon instead of showing the number of alerts.
    • The name of "Alarm Monitor" has been changed to "Missed Alarm". 
  • Changed to indicate only the last 15 alarms out of those that have not been checked in the last 6 months
    • For better performance, the list of Missed Alarm only shows the recent not confirmed15 alarms in the last 6 months.

  • Changed to indicate all alerts once a user clicks the alert icon.