Dear Valued Partners,


BioStar 2 2.7.12v is released with notable new features and bug fixes.  

1. Major Bug Fixes

1.1. Fixed BioStar2 Server does NOT start when a certain Windows OS event does not exist. (Click for the relevant problem)

1.2. Improved Muster Zone to not fall into a deadlock while processing event logs.

1.3. A bug in TA module where it did not allow the next leave’s start time to overlap the previous leave’s end time.

1.4. Improved performance of BioStar2 when there are many user groups to handle. 

1.5. Fixed the abnormal ngrok.log file creation. (Click for the relevant problem) It affected to BioStar2 Cloud connection.

1.6. Fixed the inaccessible BioStar2 Cloud issue due to ngrok automatic update.

1.7. Fixed BioStar2 TA  to update reports related to break time properly.

1.8. Fixed the ‘Specific Devices(Only devices belonging to the access group’ Automatic User Synchronization option to work accurately when users are created using CSV import.  (Direction: Settings>Server>User/Device Management>Automatic User Synchronization)

2. Update & Changes in 2.7.12v

2.1. Added the new Suprema Mobile Credential. (Click for more details)

The devices and the firmware versions that can use the mobile credential are as follows.
- XPass 2 FW 1.1.0 or later

New UI for the configuration of Suprema Mobile Credential 

- BioStar2>Settings>

* Sign up Suprema Mobile Credential Portal to active the option. (


New UI for the configuration of Suprema Mobile Credential 

- BioStar2>USER>Credential>Mobile

Note:  If you already have running BioStar 2 in the project site and considering for Suprema Mobile Credential for your further mobile card, you need to be aware of Suprema Mobile Credential setup process. (Click for more details)

Note: Click for Suprema Mobile Credential Guide 

2.2. Stabilized ‘Specific Devices(Only devices belonging to the access group’ Automatic User Synchronization option. 

2.3. Improved TA module to allow generating reports simultaneously on multiple clients.

2.4. Applied the code signing on BioStar2 Installation File including executable and library files.

2.5. Changed version of Java which provides o BioStar2 Installation File due to the subscription policy on versions higher than 1.8.0_201.

- Before: 1.8.0_231

 - After: 1.8.0_201

3. Other Bug Fixes 

3.1. An issue where Chinese characters were not displayed correctly on the exported PDF TA report.

3.2. A bug in an environment using MS SQL Server database where the results are not correct when searched in languages using Unicode.

3.3. An issue where the user does not get displayed on the user list properly due to a bug when CSV file contains user group information.

3.4. A bug where ‘Image Log’ did not work correctly with ‘Access Denied(Anti-tailgating)’ event.

3.5. An issue where a custom level administrator with permission only on a specific user group could view all user's real-time logs.

3.6. A bug where ‘Time Code’ does not appear from the <Rule> menu on TA module when the language is set as Japanese.

3.7. A bug where the action of ‘Trigger & Action’ configuration from device disappears after saving the settings.

3.8. An issue where an error occurs when updating the TA report that has data exceeding the maximum length of the ‘Exception’ column.

3.9. Fixed an error message that shows inaccurate status.

- Incorrect password popup displays when the BioStar 2 server cannot connect to the database.


Q1. Could I keep JAVA 1.8.0_231 instead of using JAVA 1.8.0_201?

A1. If you confirm the subscription policy of JAVA 1.8.0_231 and agree the payment policy, you can keep JAVA 1.8.0_231. 

But, please update the JAVA path to View Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Environment Variables > Edit JAVA_HOME to your current java version path. (Click the link)

Q2. I would like to use a mobile app for user authentication. Could I use BioStar2 Mobile Card with XPass2? 

A2.  No, you can not use XPass 2 for using BioStar2 Mobile Card. XPass 2 is available to use Suprema Mobile Credential.  (Click the link)

Q3. I would like to use Suprema Mobile Credential. Could I use that with 2nd generation devices?

A3. No, it isn't supported. We will consider to FW/HW revision for 2n gen devices. Please contact to Suprema Sales Team  for the detailed plan and cost.

Q4. What is the difference between BioStar2 Mobile Card and Suprema Mobile Credential?

A4. These are solutions as user credential. Depends on FW/HW, we support the different mobile credential solution. Two features can be NOT used to one solution. (Click the link)

How to Upgrade

- Direct upgrade is supported from 2.5v or higher.
  For more details, please check the below link. 

  biostar2 update procedures


- Please make sure to make DB backup before upgrade, in order to avoid any  possible data loss. 

  Database  Backup and Restore Instructions


For the revision note of BioStar v2.7.12, please find the attached file.