To move BioStar 1 Server and DB from one PC to the other PC, follow the below procedure.

There are 4 steps to move BioStar 1 Server&DB to new PC.

Step 1. 

Go onto your current system and make sure each reader is not in server mode. 

If the readers are in server mode and they are all on the same network, then you can just take them out of server mode. 

If there are on a WAN configuration, then you should change the server IP to the new PCs IP and leave them in server mode.

Next you will need to backup the database on the current system.


[BioStar 1] Connection Modes (Direct / Server) 

[BioStar 1] MSSQL Database Backup and Restore Instructions

If you want to back up the profile image of the users you have to manually back up the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\server\ImageFile

Paste it to the same directory after restoring the database. 

Step 2.

Install the same version of MSSQL server or the higher version of MSSQL which is compatible Windows OS.

Then install the same version of the software onto the new PC.

[BioStar 1] System Requirements / Supported Operating System

BioStar 1 Installation Download Links

- BioStar 1.52 ~ BioStar 1.9 (Click here)

- BioStar 1.93 (without MSSQL installation)

You can skip for MSSQL installation part during BioStar installation if new OS is not compatible with MSSQL 2005.

Installing BioStar on Windows 10(Click)

** Please be aware the article BioStar 1.x support discontinuance notice.

For new license of BioStar server of a new PC, contact to Suprema Local Distributor or Suprema Sales team.


Next create a new database.

 [BioStar 1] Manually Creating a New Database

Step 3.

Then you can restore the database onto the new PC.

 [BioStar 1] MSSQL Database Backup and Restore Instructions

 If there is a current license applied on the old PC, confirm the version, since the new PC will need to have a license applied to it. The following links will cover the different aspects to perform the back up and restore as well as activating a license, if needed.

 [BioStar 1] How to activate SW License

Step 4.