BioStar2-DE620 (USB Card Reader) doesn't support Access On Card or Secure Credential Card to Mifare Plus Card.

Affected Products & Versions: BioStar 2, DE620 USB reader


Due to the design of BioStar2 SW, DE620 can not properly encode a user data on Mifare Plus card.

Issue Reproduction: 

1. Go to BioStar2>User>User Credential>Card>Device: DE620

2. Select [Write Card] and select [Access On Card] or [ Secure Credential Card]

3 . If the card type is Mifare Plus S, DE620 is not available to write the data

3.1. If the card type is Mifare Plus X, DE620 is available to write the data. But, the card won't work to Suprema device due to the security level of Mifare Plus card.


Not supported feature to DE620 in BioStar2 SW

Use another IP based Suprema device to encode a data on Mifare Plus Card