Affected Products & Versions

all version of BioStar2 and  USB Agent


To use BioMini / BioMini Plus 2 / DE620, USB agent of BioStar2 should be running. 

The different Windows accounts except a PC administrator user cannot run USB Agent.


This is a limitation of Windows OS.  


 There are no workarounds we can provide. Please use a PC admin for Biomini users. 

Solution :

Please ask Administrator to set local user as file admin.

Select directory USB Device Agent under C:\Program Files (x86), then right click and select Properties

Go to Security tab

Click on Advanced 

Select Users and click on Disable inheritance, then select the new users in top list, click on Edit and click Show advanced permissions

Give Full Control and then click OK, APPLY, APPLY then Close.

The users will be able to use this software with admin right, log on limited right session and check everything is working.