From BioStar 2.7.14, Windows Authentication Mode for MS SQL database Connection is supported. To use the Windows Authentication mode in your BioStar 2 Server, you need to configure the login account setting of MSSQL Database Server according to the article below.


  • If you used MS SQL Server Authentication mode in the former version and try to upgrade to BioStar 2.7.14 or later, you can select ONLY 'SQL Server Authentication' mode.
  • You can convert from 'SQL Server Authentication' mode to 'Windows Authentication' mode or in the opposite direction in BioStar 2.7.14 or later.

Depends on the Windows Account Policy of a server machine, there are two ways to configure MSSQL Windows Authentication.

1. Basic Configuration for Non-Active Directory PC environment

  • Run the MS SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Go to 'Security > Logins > NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEMS' and double click.
  • Go to 'Server Roles' and assign public and sysadmin roles.
  • Go to the 'User Mapping' page and choose master, AC DB, TA DB, and VE DB you created.

2. Basic Configuration for Active Directory PC environment

  • Login MS SQL Server Management Studio program with an administrator account.
  • Right-click at 'Security > Logins' and choose 'New Login...'.
  • Choose 'Windows authentication mode and click the 'Search' button.

  • Click the 'Locations' button and choose your Active Directory.

  • Check your name and click 'OK'.

  • Go to the 'Server Roles' tab and assign 'sysadmin' authority.

  • Go to the 'User Mapping' tab and make the default schema of the master, AC DB, TA DB, and VE DB to 'dbo'.
  • Click 'OK'.

* If you have installed BioStar 2 and MS SQL on different PCs, please follow the document linked below to perform additional settings.

[BioStar 2] Additional Settings for Windows Authentication of MS SQL Installed on Remote PC in Active Directory Environment

3. Installation Change

  • During the installation, you can find 'mssql windows auth.' check the box if you choose 'Custom Installation > MS-SQL'.
  • If Windows Authentication mode is activated, the ID and password input box will be deactivated.

  • Notice: If there is any issue during checking the DB connection, you cannot move on to the next step.