In the former BioStar 2, there were various limitations to register devices through the Mobile Credential application and use. For example, if the user currently had devices in the running BioStar 2 server and wanted to use Suprema Mobile Access, then they had to reset the device, remove it from BioStar 2 server, and re-configure all settings back after they setup Mobile Credential settings. So Suprema improved the Mobile Credential feature for user convenience in BioStar 2.7.14.

* The name of Suprema Mobile Credential has been changed to Suprema Mobile Access. Both Suprema Mobile Credential and Suprema Mobile Access are used as the name of the service. Since 27 April 2020, Suprema has updated the mobile app to Airfob Pass and the portal's name from Mobile Credential Portal to Airfob Portal.


This article indicates the updated feature of Suprema Mobile Credential in BioStar v2.7.14.

To get a concept and operation of Suprema Mobile Access (Credential), please review the article below.

What features of Suprema Mobile Access (Credential) updated in BioStar v2.7.14 are:

1. Merged Mobile Credential's Advanced part into 'General' items and Changed Its Name to Mobile Access

Updated Part: [BioStar 2 > Settings > Mobile Credential

1) In BioStar 2.7.14, we merged Domain, Port, and Site ID into 'General' items.

2. Change of Mobile Access Usage

1) When you set 'Use' the Access, then 'Site ID,' 'Password,' and 'Email' are essentially required to input.

2) After inserting all items, the 'Connect' button is activated.

3) When you click the 'Connect' button, BioStar2 will synchronize the information to 'Airfob Portal' and check if the information is valid. (Airfob Portal is a new name for Suprema Mobile Credential Portal.)

If the information is correct with the ‘Airfob Portal,’ the below popup will appear. 

  • Connected. Please register devices before using the mobile credentials.
  • If the information is mismatched with the 'Airfob Portal,' then an error pop-up will show up and decline setting up the connection.

Note: If ONLY 'Site ID' is wrong, the connection will be set up but will show up error pop-up window to correct 'Site ID.'

4) You can add new devices in the 'Site' through the '+ Add' button on the right.

Once you click [+Add] in Device Registration, the devices will be in the Device Menu of BioStar2.

5) If you already registered devices to the Airfob portal, they will be deployed as a blue box at the bottom.

  • If you click the 'Sync' button on the right side of the device, the key for connection setup will be overwritten on the device.
  • If you click the 'Delete' button on the right side of the device, the device will be automatically removed from Airfob Portal, and the key will be deleted from the device at the same time.

6) You can sort devices by 'Device ID' and 'Device Name.'

7) When you try to set Mobile Access, 'Not Use' with registered devices in the list, the pop-up message will appear.

  • ONLY IF all devices' synchronization keys are deleted the Mobile Access Set will turn to 'Not Use.'
  • Otherwise, the 'Use' status will be kept, leaving failed devices in the list.

8) You can check the Mobile Credential configuration change from Audit Trail.

(Appendix. Terminology about Mobile Solution)

Suprema Mobile Access (prev. Suprema Mobile Credential) changed to Airfob Branding UI with New Features on April 27, 2020.