Suprema Webinar_07 : Suprema Mobile Access

Have you missed Laney's webinar(Overview of BioStar 2's New Features and How To Use Suprema Mobile Access)? 

If yes, please see this webinar.  

For more details about the webinar, please refer the below description, the recorded video, and download the attached presentation file. 

What we plan to cover this webinar:  With Suprema Mobile Access, you can use your smartphone as a credential and access doors, gates and more. Through Suprema Mobile Access and Airfob portal, you can meet improved user convenience and easier way to support 3rd party controller.

1. Suprema Mobile Access:
-What is Suprema Mobile Access?
General Information, BLE vs NFC, Supported Devices
2. Overall Process
HW Installation, How to configure with Portal, Airfob Patch, Dynamic & Regular License
3. Why Mobile Access (Pre-Sales)
Cost, Security, COVID19, Access Control Management,
4. Potential Customer Case
Fitness Customer Cases, Partner Portal, Integration


Dwayne Neufville, UK & Ireland Technical Team Lead Manager at Suprema

Useful link

[Suprema Mobile Access] Supported Devices List of Mobile Access 

Top 7 - Q&A List 

Q.1) The reader just has to be Mifare device type correct? Or could the FOB reader be added to use multi-technology

The reader must be working with 13.56 MHz frequency, So the multi-technology reader does have 13.56 MHz and Airfob Patch will work on it.

Q.2) For the mobile access to work must the system where the BioStar sw installed be on the internet always, or can it work offline?

If you want to manage everything from BioStar2, then BioStar2 server needs an internet connection. But in the case of BioStar 2 in the local network then you will need to manually enroll all of the user information on the Airfob portal.

Q.3) For dynamic license, where a credit it's likely to be reissued several times between different users in time, every time I'm using maintenance credit apart from the dynamic credit?

In Dynamic license, there is no maintenance credit. Dynamic license, there is no limit of number of issue/re-issue. But only credit is required based on the number of device and time duration you use (Monthly.) For example, if you have 2 devices and you are going to use the system for 2 years then you will need to buy Device 2 x Month 24 = 48 credits.


Q.4) How can I have Airfob portal API and In-App SDK?

Currently, there is not available pre-defined documents for that. Please contact to Suprema Sales representative. We will be willing to support you.

Q.5) Are there firmware upgrades available for all models to become the master device of the new XPass D2 (and provide Mobile Access feature to the solution)? or only Xpass 2 at the moment?

Currently, XPass 2 only supports. The RS485 Master mode of the upcoming FW will be compatible with XPass D2 (Rev 2). [BioStar 2] Upgraded Hardware Introduction : XPass D2 (Rev 2)

The version information of the compatible firmware of RS485 Master is as follows.
XPass 2 : v1_2_0_20200409
BioLite N2 : It will be released by 2Q 2020.
CoreStation : It will be released by 3Q 2020.
BioStation L2: It will be released by 3Q 2020.
BioStation A2 : It will be released by 3Q 2020.
BioStaton 2 : It will be released by 3Q 2020.
FaceStation 2 / FaceLite : It will be released by 3Q 2020.
BioEntry W2: It will be released by 3Q 2020.
 BioEntry P2: It will be released by 3Q 2020.

Q.6) So even old users using Mobile Card will get their service interrupted in Sept 2020?

As long as you do not uninstall the application, you can keep using the old version. but we recommend you should use the new mobile access card, due to better performance and lots of improvements on user interfaces.

Q.7) In case of I have my existing system using mobile reader from HID and I already have my own mobile ID then I want to add reader BLE from Suprema. does it support?

Our mobile access card only works with Suprema readers. So, If you have HID reader and HID application, then you should change both of them. But however, changing the reader will be more difficult, so, we have something interesting that Dwayne will explain later, which is Airfob patch. Airfob Patch can receive BLE signal and translate and output 13.56 Mhz Mifare signal. So, you can keep using HID reader but by just attaching the Airfob patch, you will be able to use our mobile access card application (Airfob pass)