Suprema Webinar_08 : BioStar 2 AC Beginner (Crash Course) - 2.5 hours 

For more details, please refer the below description, the recorded video file, and  the attached file.

In this webinar, we are going to discuss the basic configuration of Access Control doors on BioStar2 and some of the precautions that we have to be aware of to assure a smooth configuration of the solution for the customers

1. Understanding BioStar2 Access Control License
2. After BioStar2 installation
2.1. Installing HTTPS certificate
2.2. Change the logs (MSSQL version)
2.3 Add a maintenance user for the SI
3. Activate BioStar2 license (online & offline)
4. Add devices (server mode, device mode, network precautions)
5. Add users (finger enrollment precautions to avoid FAR & FRR)
6. Add doors (with 1 reader (IN) for a door and 2 readers (IN & OUT) for another door)
7. Create Access group & Access level
8. Batch edit for users, devices, & doors
9. Private authentication for users
10. Custom fields for user profiles
11. Device configuration quick look
13 Understanding zones configuration.

When the webinar opened:  

Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Duration: 150 mins
05:00 PM (GMT+9), Seoul
12:00 PM (GMT+4), Dubai
10:00 AM (GMT+2), Paris (CEST)
09:00 AM (GMT+1), UK (BST) 

Date: Thursday, May 21, 2020
Duration: 150 mins
08:00 PM (GMT+4), Dubai
12:00 PM (GMT-4), New York (EDT)
09:00 AM (GMT-7), San Francisco (PDT)  

Speaker: Hatem Kahla, Regional Technical Manager I Suprema Middle East 

Top 7 - Q&A List  

Q.1) Is installing HTTPS certificate necessary? If I don't install it, will my BioStar 2 still work?

It will work without installing HTTPS Certificate. but, several features such as Cloud would be not available to access. So, we recommend installing HTTPS certificate.

Q.2)If the customer's Server/ PC/OS/Hard Disk crashes, then while reinstalling can the Customer use the same license key?

Yes, you can use the same license but you will need to ask us to reactivate it.

Q.3) Can you use a DNS name instead of an IP address in the URL?  What if you have a purchased certificate from a certificate authority, can you use that certificate instead of downloading one from BioStar?

1. DNS:

You can have your private certificate and make the hostname instead of entering an IP address.
2. cert:

Q.4) can the fingerprint database from BioStar 1 able to migrate to BioStar 2?

Yes, we provide the migration too to BioStar2 SW installation, for more details, please refer to the link

Q.5) How to add BEP/BEW in a non-DHCP environment?

Then, the device IP will 169.254.0.x.  If the device is located in the same network, you can search it via UDP and then, assign a static IP to the device.

Q.6) Any special network port that we need to allow from the network side for device communication?

Yes, there are some ports to allow access.

Q.7) generally, why can we connect devices as slaves?? what are the main benefits?

The main benefit is to add a slave device in a not secure zone to a master device in the secure zone for example.