We will see three points from this webinar Best Practices: Best Practices: BioStar 2 Device SDK, G-SDK and BioStar 2 API.

1) Through the SDKs (Device SDK and G-SDK) it is possible to access the Suprema devices directly. 

2) If, perhaps we are not that experienced in programming or when it is simply not the goal of our implementation to go for a deeper type of integration, we can use the API instead (Local or Web), make use of the available functions and create an integration with other software or GUI and continue using the BioStar 2 server power as backbone with a different front-end.

3) When we are a bit bolder and want to jump to another level, then we can use the SVP Android SDK to build our own firmware, using the Suprema hardware as in the case of BioStation A2 (OMNIS) or NOVUS as a base.

Please find out the the below descriptions, the recorded video file, the Q&A list, and the relevant article links below. 

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Webinar Agenda:

1. Quick Overview & Tips

- What it is. What kind of project we can be in with BioStar 2 Device SDK, G-SDK, and BioStar 2 API. 

2. Considerations

- Customer's checklist (What they need to prepare/consider for the integration)

3. Case Studies

- Visitors Software I, Partner admission management

- Personnel and visitors platform

- API Integration for Countries > Guatemala, Elsalvador, Honduras

- Visitors Software II, Time Attendance integrations with Payroll and ERP SWs, Foodcourt SWs

- Integration to 3rd party ACUs, and 3rd party systems like Parking systems, SAP systems, Membership SWs, etc

- Healthcare Case – TnA for medical personnel,  Time Attendance on the go… TnA for Bus Pilots

- Vault system using FS2 and BEW2, Upcoming Integrations: with Averics, with Arteco (VEMS)


Eng. (PhD). Lóberi López

Technical Pre-Sales Manager

Suprema LATAM

Top 5 - Q&A List

Q.1) Can I use the BioStar 2 , and in the same time control and manage the device (for example download records) with the device SDK?

No, the concurrent connection does not allow, but please contact support.supremainc.com. We can support that via the customization.


Q.2) From which BioStar2 API is available? Is BioStar2 API installed by default when installing BioStar2? 

Once you install BioStar v2.7.10 or higher version, you can use BioStar 2 New API. For more details, click here.

If you want to know about the difference between BioStar 2 Local API server and BioStar 2 New API, please click here.


Q.3) Some code example about the websocket API you mentioned on the Biostar API?

Since BioStar 2 is using web-socket method to see the logs in real time, you should also use the way when you need to check the logs in real time. For more details, please click here.


Q.4) For G-SDK: Does Device Gateway still connect always with device?

Yes, as long as you don't disconnect.



Q.5) Does Suprema require the license to use BioStar 2 Device SDK, G-SDK, or BioStar 2 New API?

No, the additional licenses are not required. It is free of charge.



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