Sometimes, you can meet the case which requires registering users' multiple cards at once. In this case, you can investigate with the CSV Import feature in BioStar 2 > User menu. In the same way as normal RF cards, you also can register Mobile Access cards through BioStar 2 CSV Import feature.

The following steps are sample of how to issue multiple Suprema Mobile Access cards at once via CSV Import.

Step 1> Go to BioStar 2 > Settings > Mobile Credential and connect with your Site which you created in Airfob Portal.

Step 2> Create a CSV file that has user information.

  • If you are using a normal CSN card (RF card) and a Mobile Access card at once, please make sure to separate two card types into two columns.
  • We will add 'Test User 6' with Mobile Access cards as followed image.

Step 3> Import User CSV file in BioStar 2 > Users according to the followed steps.

  • You should map the Mobile Access card column with the 'csn_mobile' column.
  • If you import a CSV file containing user information that already exists, the previously issued Mobile Access card will not be reissued.


  • Please be aware of mapping columns in 'BioStar 2 > User > CSV Import'.
  • If you map the 'csn_mobile' column with the wrong RF card column, then a total number of credits will be automatically decreased and you CANNOT revert wrongly issued mobile access cards.

Step 4> Check your Airfob Portal, then you can find the total number of credits has been decreased.

  • Credit in Airfob Portal is deducted as much as the number of newly issued Mobile Access cards.

<Before import CSV file>

<After import CSV file>