Suprema Mobile Access service began to be supported from BioStar v2.7.12. However, some inconveniences have been identified through the previous version and Suprema has upgraded its features to be more user-friendly in v2.7.14. In addition, the service name was changed from Suprema Mobile Credential to Suprema Mobile Access, and Suprema Mobile Credential App and Portal to Airfob Pass and Airfob Portal, providing customers with better service than before.

    Through this article, we would like to focus on new customers who are interested in Mobile Access, which is emerging as the next generation Credential, and those who have previously used the Suprema Mobile Credential on BioStar v2.7.12. We would like to confirm the changes and upgrades of the BioStar v2.7.14 criteria and guide you on how to use them.

[Data Flow of Suprema Mobile Access from BioStar 2 SW to a device] 


  • Suprema Mobile Access and Suprema Mobile Credential are the same products. Branding has been changed since April 27, 2020. (Related Article
  • Suprema Mobile Access and BioStar 2 Mobile Card are different products. Links for the detailed information are listed up at the bottom of this page. Or, you can read that first before reading the below. (Related Article 1 / Related Article 2)
  • CANNOT enroll a new Suprema Mobile Access directly from Suprema devices; assign through the BioStar 2 or manually input the card number.
  • The way of registering a device is different in BioStar v2.7.12 and v2.7.14. If you are using BioStar v2.7.12, you need to remove all user data in the device, delete the device from BioStar 2 and reset the device to factory default before starting Mobile Credential. But if you are using BioStar v2.7.14, then you can register the device in Airfob Portal even though the device was already in use in BioStar 2.

<How to Use Suprema Mobile Access with BioStar 2 SW>

1. Overall procedure for registering a device in BioStar 2

- This is a brief explanation of the setup procedure.

- For more details, skip this and go to the below 3. Detail Procedure for BioStar 2.7.14.

2. Overall procedure for registering a device on Airfob Pass App.

If you are using BioStar 2.7.12 or you want to register a device through Airfob Pass App, refer to the below overall procedure.

- This is a brief explanation of the setup procedure.

3. Detail procedure for registering a device in BioStar 2


  • From BioStar 2.7.14, you do not need to have a clean factory default condition device anymore.

    1) Join Airfob Portal

  • Portal address: https://mc.mocainc.com/en 
  • Click [Get Started] to sign up and create your site. You may need to purchase credits.
  • From BioStar 2.7.14 to v2.8.8, the 'Regular' card is only supported in BioStar 2. (Related Article)
  • From BioStar 2.8.9, the 'Dynamic' card is supported in BioStar 2. If you want to use Mobile Access as Dynamic, please refer to the relevant article. (Relevant Article)
  • 50 free Credits are given when a new 'Regular' site is created for demo and test purposes. No Maintenance Credits are given.

    2) Configure Airfob Portal information to BioStar 2 Settings

  • Go to BioStar 2 > Settings > Mobile Credential
  • BioStar 2 Mobile Credential setting should be based on the portal site data.
  • Email & Password: the data of the user who signed in to the portal.
  • Site ID: the Site ID which user created through the portal.

  • The domain and the port below are default. Please don't change it.
  • Domain: https://api.mc.suprema.io (default)
  • Port: protocol port number of the portal site (default)

    Note: XPass 2, XPass D2 (Rev 2), and BLN2 are available to use Suprema Mobile Access. Suprema will release the feature for other devices in 3Q/4Q 2020. For a more detailed schedule, please refer to the linked article. [Suprema Mobile Access] Supported Devices List of Mobile Access

    3) Add a device to BioStar 2 SW and Airfob Portal

  • Go to BioStar 2  > Device > Search Device or Advanced Search to search a connected device.

[Device > Search Device or Advanced Search]

[Device > Add device]

  • Go to BioStar 2 > Settings > Mobile Credential and click '+ Add' button from Device Registration.
  • The device will communicate with Airfob Portal and obtain a certificate.

    4) Add new user to BioStar 2

  • Go to BioStar 2 > User > Add User.
  • Enter a user name and email address. (mandatory)
  • Click Credential > Mobile and enter the card ID to register the Suprema Mobile Access card.

    5) Confirm the email and authenticate the created mobile credential on a mobile.

    5-1) Please confirm the email of the new user of BioStar 2 to his or her mobile and click the download link from the email content.

    5-2) You need to make sure that the requested field is correctly filled in.

[Confirmation the download link to an email account of a mobile]

    5-3) Turn on BLE or NFC of your mobile configuration.

    5-4) Place your Mobile Access card on the device.

4. Additional information for Suprema Mobile Access

1) When you issue the Mobile Credential card, you can put characters, ' ' (space), number, and '_' (underbar) for the user name.

2) If the card is blocked, the card number will be updated in 'Setting > Card > Blacklisted Card'.

3) If you delete users (delete selected users / delete all users), then issued cards will be automatically deleted from the Airfob Portal.

4) Even though you delete all users, the Administrator users will remain and the Mobile Access card for the Administrator will be kept.

5. Suprema Mobile Access Q&A

    Q 1 > How can we get the Mobile Access License Policy and how can we purchase Mobile Credential Credits?

    A 1 > Please contact your Suprema regional sales representative. If you do not know the exact sales representative, please contact Suprema through our official website. (Link)

    Q 2 >Can we keep using BioStar 2 Mobile Card if it has been used? How does the policy go for BioStar 2 Mobile Card?

    A 2 > As long as you do not uninstall the application, you can keep using the old version. But we recommend you should use the new mobile access card, due to better performance and lots of improvements on user interfaces. BioStar 2 Mobile card will be discontinued from September 2020. Once you upgrade the new FW to the devices, you will be not available to use the current BioStar 2 Mobile Card. Please visit the site and find more information. (Link - Login Required)

    Q 3 > What if we use XPass 2 and other Suprema devices such as BioStation A2 and want to use Suprema Mobile Access?

    A 3 > You need to use the different credentials (Mobile Card, Fingerprint, RF card, etc) for BioStation A2. (April 2020)

    Q 4 > The reader just has to be Mifare device type correct? Or could the FOB reader be added to use multi-technology?

    A 4 > The reader must be working with 13.56 MHz frequency, So the multi-technology reader does have 13.56 MHz and Airfob Patch will work on it.

    Q 5 > For the mobile access to work must the system where the BioStar SW installed be on the internet always, or can it work offline?

    A 5 > If you want to manage everything from BioStar2, then the BioStar2 server needs an internet connection. But in the case of BioStar 2 in the local network then you will need to manually enroll all of the user information on the Airfob portal.

    Q 6 > Are there firmware upgrades available for all models to become the master devices of XPass D2 (Rev 2) and provide a Mobile Access feature to the solution? Or only XPass 2 at the moment? 

    A 6 > Currently, XPass 2, XPass D2(Rev 2), and BioLite N2 support Suprema Mobile Access. We are going to expand supporting devices that are able to use Suprema Mobile Access. 

- The relevant article: [BioStar 2] Upgraded Hardware Introduction : XPass D2 (Rev 2)

[Suprema Mobile Access] Supports Suprema Mobile Access on Suprema Device

The version information of the compatible firmware of RS485 Master is as follows.

XPass 2 : v1_2_0_20200409

BioLite N2 : v1.3.0_20200

CoreStation: It will be released by 3Q 2020.

BioStation L2: It will be released by 3Q 2020.

BioStation A2: It will be released by 3Q 2020.

BioStation 2: It will be released by 3Q 2020.

FaceStation 2 / FaceLite: It will be released by 3Q 2020.

BioEntry W2: It will be released by 3Q 2020.

BioEntry P2: It will be released by 3Q 2020.

    Q 7 > What happens to the URL address after Airfob Portal changed?

    A 7 > The previous https://mc.suprema.io will just redirect to the new portal address,  https://mc.mocainc.com.

    Q 8 > Would multi-card work for regular cards?

    A 8 > Yes, multi-card is supported regardless of regular or dynamic card. 

    Q 9 > What are the correct terms for Suprema Mobile Access?

    A 9> Check the table below,

Service NameSuprema Mobile Access
Card NameMobile Access Card
Portal NameAirfob Portal
App NameAirfob Pass
Patch NameAirfob Patch

    Q 10 > Does BioStar 2 support both regular and dynamic sites?

    A 10> No, currently(BioStar 2.8.2) it does only support regular sites. BioStar 2 will support dynamic in the future but no version plan yet. 

6. Useful Links for information about Suprema Mobile Access

  • Airfob Portal: Link
  • Airfob Support Page: Link
  • Related Webinars : 

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